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”Mona Dash’s verses have a civilised quality that will appeal to members of every diaspora.  While holding Shiva and Durga dear she has embraced Claude Monet and the Palais Garnier. In short, she is a new woman of a new age’- Reginald Massey


1) http://www.museindia.com/regularcontent73.asp…

2) Review by Debjani Chatterjee MBE in the book review: review of ‘A certain way’ by the noted poet Debjani Chatterjee.

review of ‘A certain way’ by the noted poet Debjani Chatterjee. Many thanks Debjani for the detailed and great review. To read the complete review, one has to subscribe to this journal Book Review.
I liked especially her last paragraph :
”Many a first generation British Indian writer has commented on their diaspora experience – in poetry and in prose – and indeed some have done so memorably. While I welcome this first collection that adds to this growing body of literat…ure, in my view, its author’s true forté lies in her intimate poems of connectivity. It is in these poems about personal relationships with people, places and traditions that emotions surface with authenticity. There may not be many answers in these poems, but Mona Dash does ask the right questions.”





Mona Dash writes fiction and poetry. Her work includes a novel, Untamed Heart (Tara India Research Press 2016), and two collections of poetry: Dawn- Drops (Writer’s Workshop 2001) and A certain way (Skylark Publications 2017). She has a Masters in Creative Writing (with distinction) from the London Metropolitan University.

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