Some poems from Dawn-Drops

Some poems from Dawn-Drops

Travelling with you

 As you take me along
 On these wide roads
 With yellow lights
 standing at attention,

The wind makes 
 violent love 
 with your bike.

 In delight,
  my hair
  goes crazily 

 into a carousel

 And the ice cream 
  In my hand
 melts so fast
 the sticky drops
fly out 
into the night air

dancing their way
into your mouth
 and mine

Black hair on a white pillow

Your love is a drop
It satisfies me
Yet leaves me asking for more

At times
I feel I am asleep in a cool river
Contented, yet I want more.

Its never enough
Love can always grow.

After you leave
I get back into the warm unmade bed
Still carrying our shapes
Look at the black hair on the white pillow
Which escaped from my head
when your fingers
Ran through my hair
And know I will always love yo


Mona Dash writes fiction and poetry. Her work includes a novel, Untamed Heart (Tara India Research Press 2016), and two collections of poetry: Dawn- Drops (Writer’s Workshop 2001) and A certain way (Skylark Publications 2017). She has a Masters in Creative Writing (with distinction) from the London Metropolitan University.

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